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I’m madly in-love with life. I take it seriously. I don’t want to waste a single moment. I want the best that God has for me. I’m a mom, wife, daughter and lover of Jesus Christ. I care deeply for others’ lives. I love family, friendship and helping. I’m passionate about you feeling the same about your life. I surrender daily. I embrace change. I want to be everything that God created me to be. I don’t believe that we have just one destiny to fulfill…I believe that we have many destinies to accomplish throughout our days and each moment we are alive and breathing we are achieving something that satisfies the grand design. I didn’t become an instant solider for Christ. It took time…it took life happening and me fighting in prayer and a lot of near death of my dreams and purpose, to simply wear a smile on my face and be ready and willing to tell anyone about how good God is.

I believe that God has gifted me with caring for people. I enjoy seeing others live His best. After working as a writer for a mega church and being laid off, I became desperate to understand God’s purpose for losing my job and what He wanted me to do next. By this time, I had moved to New York and was stranded with no income and Semira was almost 3 years old. I heard God’s call and began the process of becoming a Christian Counselor. During my studies I earned my clergy credentials as a Commissioned Minister of Pastoral Care. Since, I’ve diligently searched for my place in ministry online only to see much of my efforts not pan out. I don’t count this as a loss because since entering transparent ministry where I publicly share my personal struggles and the Gospel, I’ve met some awesome people and made connections that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Over the years, I’ve become more open to God’s leading and when He opened my eyes to a unique way to serve and support, I started a new journey. I’m officially a trained doula and certified lactation counselor. Birthed from divine inspiration is Raising Little Humans. The focus of Raising Little Humans is to be the go to network for Moms to find support and encouragement. As Valerie The Doula and through Raising Little Humans., I purpose to be the Motherhood BFF.

Motherhood is a journey that I know all too well. It’s filled with the most beautiful ups and downs that I’ve ever experienced. Support is necessary. Yes, it’s a blessing and children are a true joyful addition to life, it just requires so much of a Mom that many don’t expect. Motherhood stretches you to new limits and to be honest there are some super awesome fulfilling days and well, some days suck. It’s my personal mission to raise awareness regarding what Moms go through on every level from emotional and physical health to achieving goals and feeling confident we have access to everything necessary to grow beautifully thriving families and lives.

XO, Valerie